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Multithread mode test [STOP] and Express upload buttons are broken

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When a multithread test is in progress, the [STOP] button does not work properly, bringing up a 'Secure Connection Failed' error screen.  When I hover my mouse over the [STOP] button...


... the address shown in the status bar has a ':80' after the domain name:



It affects the mobile website also, again bringing up an error screen when I touch [STOP], with the ':80' clearly in the URL it tried loading:



This issue also affects the upload test on the mobile website when Multithread mode is enabled (left image).  The Express upload test also fails with Multithread mode enabled (right image):


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That's great - These seem to be working fine now. B)


I also noticed that after you switched to HTTPS, the multithread tests now only test with a single domain per server.  This threw up an interesting surprise with my 4G LTE connection on the Three network - It throttles per host.  Initially I wondered why my multi-threaded test results were much lower than recently, until I tried selecting more than one server. 


For example, I tried a handful of multithread tests in a row, selecting London, then Germany, then London+Germany, all with 25MB blocks.  I repeated this sequence three times to rule out a coincidence.  In the test results below, the red-highlighted lines indicate the tests I ran with London+Germany.  In the top result, I selected London+Germany+Miami+New York. 




In the past, I wouldn't have seen this as selecting a single server such as London resulted in testing across multiple domains such as oldtestmy.net, tmnstatic.com, testmercury.net, etc. 

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