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Your numbers are substantially less than what I get from speedtest.comcast.net

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I'm trying to test my network. Your numbers are substantially less than what I get from speedtest.comcast.net. Are they playing favorites? You get slower access to their networks? I can see them doing something like this because I DO NOT TRUST THEM.
I also tried to make an account but I get a messages "you did not pass the security test, please try again". Am I doing something wrong or is your site broken?
Thanks for your response,


I'll look into the signup process when I get back home and get back to you.

Read this in the meantime.  
... Comcast uses ookla, along with most of the major providers... if not all.  TestMy.net will always be a third party opinion, testing outside of the conditions your provider would like you to test under.  They want you to test in a vacuum... I test your connection to the real places people host their websites.  Which do you think is more realistic?  In the end it's up to you who you want to trust.  Your provider, who has a stake in your numbers and making you feel like you're getting what you're paying for.  Or a guy in his basement who's been testing Internet speed unbiasedly for over two decades.  Long before the providers realized they could just come up with their own testing methodology I had already tested hundreds of millions of connections.  Food for thought, the founder of ookla was the CEO of Speakeasy... an ISP.  Who do you think he designed his test to benefit.  Hint, it's not the consumer.  Too bad the majority of people have no idea and blindly accept the results.
Looking at registrations again.  Tons of people registered today, passed authentication and email verification.  When you check the "I'm not a robot" box, make sure you give it time to check green in the box.  It looks for the movements of your mouse before and after you click the box to verify that you're human.  Google's collected a lot of information on how people mouse their mouse and they compare that to house you move yours.  If the box isn't showing up or if it's still giving you issues please let me know.  Also maybe try a different browser to see if it's an issue with your default browser.
Thanks for your response.
I COMPLETELY agree with you. I can see the ISPs caching test files and other sneaky low down things to cheat with performance. This is EXACTLY why I value your site! YAY Damon!
I would love to be able to automate the testing of my connection... Something that would start a test and send back the results which I would put into a file... To beat Comcast with. *:D big grin
I'm created now... I was not checking the "I have read..." box. Sigh...
Thanks again for your willingness to help me.
Regards and keep up the good work!


Hi George,
Thank you for the kind words.
Go to http://testmy.net/auto ;)
It will test your connection on a set interval and email you when it's done.  Make sure you're signed in for the email function to work.
And no problem, it's what I do.  Please spread the word with your friends.  TestMy.net has always been 100% word-of-mouth.
Let me know if TMN helps you arrive at better connection, I love hearing those stories.
- Damon - TestMy.net

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