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Do you have or recommend an android phone app that would deliver the same accuracy as your on-line tool for measuring internet speed via wifi or 2G\3G\4G?


Hi Nick,

Have you tried TestMy.net in your devices web browser?  Using HTML5, server-side programming and native browser technology TMN is designed to work on all devices without additional software.  Just visit testmy.net in your browser and depending on the device you may see the lite version or the desktop version.  Both versions use the same resources.  The lite version isn't a different program, it's just modified to conform to smaller screens.  
At the bottom of all the pages there is a link to toggle between versions.  I often use the full version on my iPhone instead of the default lite version.  Because I don't mind having to pinch and zoom around the page and would rather see all of the design elements in full form.  But then the lite version has advantages too... like one handed operation.
Let me know if this helps, Happy Testing!
- Damon - TestMy.net


I was hoping for an app as usually apps are designed to be simpler and easier to read\navigate than a tiny web page on the phone.

I’ll try it out though.


Will this work properly if I try to use it to gauge my internet or 2\3\4G speeds overseas?

I’ll be it Italy for a couple of weeks and want to test out the speeds I’ll actually be getting vs what I’m paying for while there.

As I understand it, (according to T-Mobile’s site) your site is one of the few that indicate your true speed if \ when throttling or downgrading of speeds occur.






Hi Nick,

I'm sorry I don't have a native app for you.  All of TMN is developed by one person... if I focused my programming on apps the core website wouldn't be what it is.  Instead I focus on making one site that works for everyone.  I don't want to over complicate and already complicated situation.
TestMy.net will work anywhere in the world.  If you're in Europe, Africa or the Middle East you'll be defaulted to my server in the UK.  If you're in Asia you'll default to China.. Australia, Pacific Islands and New Zealand will test against Melbourne, AU by default.
I've tested people in Vatican City and North Korea.  If you have Internet and a browser TMN will work anywhere.
I hope it works out for you and helps you understand your true speed.  
I'm always open to suggestions if you think I can do anything better let me know.  You won't hurt my feelings... keep in mind that I build TMN for you.
- Damon - TestMy.net

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