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firefox cult...........

Guest helloimtim

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Guest helloimtim

It almost seems like the users of fire fox is almost cult like. I have used it. Was not my cup of tea but my goodness. It so reminds me of the movie with the pod people. Use fire fox. More Secure. Use fire fox Much better. My goodness they get testy when you point out the simple fact yes ff has security issues. Now I am sure I am gonna get blasted for this. Just remember Its ONLY my opinion. I personally like to take my own path and use what works best for me. Just seems like they buy way to much into all the hype. Well everyone else uses fire fox and its so good so should I. I have used the evil IE for quite sometime. I have yet to find the magic website that can infect my computer without me knowing it. They just need to be honest. Use fire fox because downloading from p2p programs will not cause you near the problems that will happen with IE. That in a nutshell is just the truth. Let the flaming begin..................peace.....im out

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