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Windows 98 issue


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I'm new to the forum and have a question on Windows 98SE.

This is a funny one I've been trying to resolve for about a year on 2 different 98 machines.  It seems randomly, when the desktop self-refreshes, the little icon used for the arrow on shorcuts change.  It looks like sometimes it is taken from a piece of another icon on the desktop, sometimes not.  I have never run the tweaks that will change these and have checked the registry entry for that little icon, but it looks correct.  Sometimes, machine performance gets a little iffy as well when this occurs. 

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

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Hi cak46 : I currently have ME but had 98se before it.I didn't have this problem.I used a tweak to completly remove the arrows on my system I can't remember just how to do it but I will look to see if I have some notes on it.In the mean time

Have you done the standard stuff to correct the problem defrag,scandisk(with automatically fix errors checked)both standard & through.Maybe run SFC(system file checker) to look for changed files,Ran your spyware & virus programs.


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Thanks for responding!  Have run norton disk doc. and speed disk (I like these better than the standard Win stuff)  but have not run the sys file check.  How do you run that?  Also, have done full spyware testing both with spybot and adaware and used avg for virus scans.  (the other system I used mcafee).

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cak46 : yes some of them are updated files you have to determine what is updated & what you need to restore to original.

The SFC is a good tool but not as automatic as some.This is good because it lets the user decide. If you don't know I beleive there is a skip or ignor this file option. Use that if unsure & nothing will be changed for that file. If you don't know leave the file as it currently is. Cholla

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