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Rural Satellite Internet Help

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I live in a rural mountain area with many trees. Satellite is my only internet option. I have upgraded to the best dish offered by the provider,  use an Orbi router, have a WeBoost for my cellular phone instead of using the wifi.  I work from home and reliable internet is essential.  I still have intermittent issues. Tech support tells me it is the trees (Fresnel Zone) and go to summer vacation plan (i.e. have no internet) but it is not a constant problem.  I am testing every 30 minutes through the day and it seems to happen maybe 3 times per day (we have been having severe thunderstorms daily lately as well) and lasts for about half an hour that my connection is almost useless. I am running a ping to check for request time out/destination unreachable also.  I must connect to the company VPN which requires a good consistent connection. Any suggestions regarding what I can add/change/. . . .  to push me over the hump and get my connection to be solid throughout the work day - other than clear cutting trees?  Thank you.

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Unfortunately what you describe is quite common with satellite Internet and very likely down to their traffic management policy.  For example, with some satellite operators here, once a certain amount of data is consumed within rolling time period (I think an hour), the maximum speed is halved.  This process repeats until basically the connection is rendered unusable until data consumed earlier falls out of the rolling time period.  So basically something like a Windows 10 feature update (3-4GB) could render the satellite connection unusable in a very short period of time. 


If you are getting 3G or 4G/LTE connectivity on your phone from the WeBoost, try running a few speed tests over the phone's cellular data connection at different times of the day.  A good 3G (HSPA+) signal with a lightly loaded mast can provide over 10Mbps. 


If you are able to get over 1Mbps on most of the tests, that will likely give you a much more stable and consistent connection than over satellite, regardless of the 10s of Mbps they claim to deliver.  In this case, I suggest getting hold of a dedicated router and data SIM.  If you are unable to get out of your satellite contract, it will still be useful as backup or to supplement the cellular data connection, e.g. download bulky files overnight over satellite such as Windows updates and use cellular data for your VPN connection where low latency is more important.

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