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Wireless interference


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Three wireless networks, two Asus AC-3100 units, and one ISP/ modem wireless. 2.4 Ghz as well as 5Ghz do the same thing.


All three max out around 30Mbps or so, where wired directly to the modem, ~187Mbps on a 200 Mbps connection.


Tomorrow I'll move one of the AC-3100's ~50+ foot away from the rest of the networking equipment and see what the results are.

My thought is some sort of interference in the locality, but what, there is nothing there I can see at a quick glance.


Tomorrow I should know more.


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Indeed they should definitely offer a lot mor ethan 30Mbps.  I used to peak around 60Mbps with my former Huawei router with only 300Mbps over 802.11n (2.4GHz).


With my current set-up, a Huawei B525 with 802.11ac, I get around 110Mbps between it and my desktop PC (TP-Link Archer AC1900 USB) based on a load test between the PC and a laptop connected to the router.  This is with the Huawei B525 in the loft at one end of the house attached to a pair of LTE antennas and my desktop PC on the ground floor at the opposite end.


Based on my experience troubleshooting Wi-Fi performance in the past, nearby power supplies can severely deteoriate the Wi-Fi performance.  For example, I remember my brother struggling to get over 3Mbps over Wi-Fi, only to discover his router was on a shelf with its power supply socket directly underneath the shelf.  Due to the shelf location, he couldn't move the router and there was just the one power socket nearby, directly underneath the shelf.  As an experiment, he placed a sheet of aluminium foil underneath the router.  His Internet speed tests over Wi-Fi jumped straight to about 76Mbps, the same as with a network cable.

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I've terminated a 50' CAT6 and a 100' CAT5 patch for the test this morning.


Considering two wireless nodes and the ISP wireless are showing very close results, interference is my first thought, and just as you say, power supplies galore in a 24" x 36" area, where all three reside.


Now if the internal ISP wireless was performing well, I would lean towards a physical port configuration issue on the modem itself. (Which has four)


I'll also look into turning off DHCP on the modem/ router , adding a switch with DHCP if the problem persists. I have a Netgate appliance I'll test with in that case.

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Called an ISP tech to come in.


Took the 100' CAT5 out with an extension cord, same tripe.

Strange, one minute  ~40Mbps , the next test is 17 or even 3Mbps

Will be Interesting to hear what the tech says next week. .


I've been with this ISP (same ISP) for roughly 9 years, always from day one have gotten the speeds and service I've paid for. Here at a new service, two miles from the client:


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