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What about DNS response?

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Almost every app I have tried including Testmy.net tell me I have wonderful above average internet speed.


The reality is that the poor performance I frequently see seems to be related to long delays in the DNS lookup phase.  I keep an extended status line app running in Firefox and very often it can take 20 seconds before any data starts flowing from many popular websites.  Is this due to DNS lag or is it the response of the websites themselves?  Is there any way to test this?

Popular websites where I see this:  Youtube, Yahoo, Steam, Google Docs, GOG, etc.  I have tired both Open DNS and Googles DNS versus my ISP's DNS with little to no difference in performance.

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Probably the best way to test DNS response times is with this DNS Query Sniffer utility.  This let's you see the individual DNS response times when opening a website. 


The following is an example loading TestMy in the Chrome browser:



Blank response times are probably cached entries and the green indicators on the left indicate successful responses.  A red indicator means a DNS error such as an invalid host name.


If you see any yellow responses, this can be a sign of packet loss, which with DNS would lead to some DNS look-ups that never receive a response.


If the 'Duration' column is showing unusually high figures such as over 100ms or you see multiple yellow icons on the left, I suggest trying DNS over HTTPS to see if it performs any better.  This page shows how to configure Firefox for DNS over HTTPS with the Cloudflare HTTPS DNS server.  When this is set up, no entries from Firefox should appear in DNSQuerySniffer.  If the intermittent lag continues, then it is unlikely DNS related.

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I see ping test results of 20-40 mS, but have delays now loading web pages of 5-6 seconds (or more) where in the past they’d load in a couple of seconds. Seems like either web pages have become either 4-5 times more complex or somebody (or lots of somebodies) are throttling or putting me in ques with lower priority than some others.


i believe our gov’t, by not continuing the open internet has allowed this phenomenon, and it’ll likely get worse and not better.

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