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France Enemy or Ally of USA


Is France an enemy or ally of USA  

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  1. 1. Is France an enemy or ally of USA

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    • France is ally
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well, not to light the powder keg here, specially on my first day back here in awhile, but i think that france is our ally:

1, they probably gave the info because everybody in the world was pissed off at us for starting the war in the first place, so it was probably just politics, not an act of war.

2. until they launch something at us, whether it be a missile, nuke, or french baguette (those things can hurt...), i consider them to be an ally.

3. just my nature to go with the under-dog on lots of stuff...

4. and because we (americans) acted like dumbasses, calling shit freedom fries and stuff.

and if this does blow the keg, i dont want someone saying that by going with france, im going against america. this isnt a poll about which u side with, france or usa, but more of whats your opinion on whether or not theyre still willing to help us out. anyways, imma go have a chili dog and some salsa. :D **Spicy!**

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