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Very big difference between testmynet vs speedtest

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Hello! I am from Turkey,im using 50mbps DL and 5 mbps up cable internet.Whenever I test my internet on speedtest i get result like this.The thing is whenever i download anything from steam my download speed is 5,5-6,0 mb but why there is a big difference between these? I had a take look on forum in order to understand the difference between testmynet and speedtest and everybody i saw,they were having the same thing like i do now.Which one of them showing the real internet speed that i am using?Sometimes testmynet is showing like 4/2 of my internet speed.






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The 6 MB/sec is megabytes per second. The roughly 48 Mbps from TestMy and Speedtest is megabits per second. There are 8 bits per byte, so the 6 MB/sec is the same as 48 Mbps. 


I notice that your test results in Results over the past week has quite a few points between 40 and 50 Mbps, with a few points here and there between 10 and 25. Pretty big variation but not uncommon on the internet these days.

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