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Why was my ISP changed on TestMyNet?


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First of all, I am using AT&T's DSL --NOT its U-verse.


Suddenly, TestMyNet download test results are showing "Att U verse" instead of what it has always shown in the past, which was "Att Internet." This happened on September 29, 2018.


Will you please tell me why it changed, since I do not use U-verse? It appears to have even lowered my already, pitifully-slow, download speed! I used to average around 2.5Mbps with DSL, until lately.

I'm paying for (and, they are accepting my money) for "...up to 3.0Mbps." It appears to me that they have put a data cap on my account and also re-added the unnecessary "bridge taps" back onto my cable. When those were removed by ATT's technicians on-site, my speeds increased and averaged 2.5Mbps or more. Then, a week later, they added the bridge taps back again, and my DL speed dropped into the kilobyte range. It would even achieve 1.0Mbps!! This has happened at least 4 times over the last year or so. I've have to spend countess hours on the phone just to get somebody to come out and check/fix the problem, repeatedly.


Can anybody tell me why TestMyNet changed ISP's ("Provider") on Sep 29th, and hopefully, how I can get AT&T to stop harassing me, please?





AT&T - U-verse is showing now and I don't have it..jpg

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Thank you, mudmanc4, for replying!  I'm not sure if I understand your comments, completely. My concern was that AT&T switched my service plan from DSL to U-verse without my consent, again! They've done it before. Now, I'm still trying to find out if they have put a very low "cap" on my data rate, or done something else to cause my D/L speed to drop to well below 1.0Mbps.

--I just don't trust them anymore. Thanks!

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