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Anyone having issues with the UK TestMy server?

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Over at least the past week, I've been having problems running speed tests with the UK TestMy server, which CA3LE reckons is due to routing issues affecting my connection. 


I just want to check if anyone else in Ireland/UK is having a similar issue, i.e. much lower download/upload speeds with the UK server compared to the German server and high latency with packet loss pinging the UK TestMy server.


The following is a speed test from my end against the UK and German servers in regular linear mode.  My home connection is 4G based, so it's normal for me to get under 10Mbps in the evenings due to cellular contention.  However, it has been very unusual for me to frequently get much lower test results with the UK TestMy server than the German TestMy server.


YlCTXDkhk.k4tLpmd_O.png rhT5~rfP8.~yFMjZmk0.png


The following is a trace route to uk.testmy.net from my connection:



A ping test to uk.testmy.net with 100 pings from my connection:



A ping test to the second last hop ( gives an average ping of 54ms and no packet loss.  Finally, a ping test to de.testmy.net gives an average ping of 62ms and no packet loss.

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Give it a try now, freshly rebooted.


I saw a terrible ping too.  As it went to reboot I noticed the ping return to normal, before the server was actually rebooted.  


When you sent me a message about this the other day I checked it and didn't see any issues.  May have been intermittent.  Let me know if the reboot fixed it on your end.



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