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Why does speed vary so wildly?

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Long story short (can provide more details as needed) but I've switched ISP's twice in the past ~week. I started with Suddenlink 200Mbps cable, then had Centurylink 100Mbps fiber, and now I'm back to Suddenlink with 400Mbps cable (admittedly limited by old 8 channel SB6141 modem).


While I had CL, I got a very steady ~100 Mbps download speed. I wound up cancelling the CL service though because it tended to drop out a lot during the day.


Now since going back to SL, I get very different test results here at TMN specifically. Of course I get a solid ~250Mbps at speedtest.net. I've read enough around here to know what that does and doesn't necessarily mean.


Attached a test I recently did, and at the bottom of the screen shot you can see the other test I did to different locations (Dallas, Denver, New York, Miami, San Francisco - I think). These were done on a desktop PC connected to a Netgear Nighthawk X6S wireless router via Cat5e.


It's hard to believe results this low when I can easily stream 4K content over wifi immediately after doing these tests. Any thoughts?







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