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I cleared cookies in Firefox, used a VPN to connect to TestMy.net through Spain (this doesn't show unless you're in the EU)... cookie consent came up, I accepted and was surfing through the site.  It just shows a small "privacy settings" link in the corner after accepted.


Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 11.46.28 AM.png


And you're certain that cookies are being accepted?  If it's unable to set the acceptance cookie it will continue to ask.


By the way, this is called a CMP or Consent Management Platform.  Used for EU GDPR compliance.  Trust me, I don't want that on here in the first place.  It's annoying... but I want to comply with EU regulations.


I'm looking into different CMP's right now actually.  I have some other options that are less invasive that I'm exploring.

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As someone who lives in Ireland, nearly every website I visit displays a notice like this the first time I visit.  Indeed it's rather annoying especially after I clear my cookies. 


I'm not sure if it's necessary to require the user to dismiss the notice to access the website.  The least invasive ones I've come across display a notice like this at the top or bottom, where I can continue browsing the site without having to agree or dismiss the cookies notice:


The BBC website displays a similar one.  Of course the notice does not disappear until I click the 'Sounds Good!' button.


I wonder if the cookies consent requirement would have been necessary had Facebook not existed.  Even with the GDPR in place, the most severe complaints the Irish Data Protection Commissioner receives are Facebook related.

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