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Cityfibre Entanet Executive caught with his pants down!

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ISPA Awards 2019 Nomination - Internet Villain Award - Entanet


Congratulations CityFibre Entanet!


After careful consideration we have decided to nominate CityFibre Entanet's Head of Marketing for the 2019 ISPA Internet Villain Award.

Having uploaded hundreds of explicit pornographic images to our favourite motorcycle website and openly commenting on his sexual preferences, Mr Darren Farnden (aka DazF) has clearly displayed a complete lack of consideration or respect for any women or children visiting the website.


However, it seems Mr Farnden has been caught with his pants down, he'd obviously forgotten that sometime earlier he'd used the same website to boast about his job title and posted a link to Entanet's website! He's clearly shown a complete disregard for the reputation of Cityfibre Entanet and lack of respect for his colleagues.


Considering Mr Farnden's position, we're sure you'll agree his behaviour is shocking and inappropriate. Having tarnished the reputation of the industry he truly deserves the title of 2019 ISPA Internet Villain.


We look forward with anticipation to the ISPA Awards in July. On behalf of myself and the ladies at WMCC UK, we wish you the very best of luck.


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