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There are a multitude of factors that can cause slow speeds on satellite internet...  Data allowance still in good standing?  Is it peak hours?  What about gateway congestion?  A single gateway can be in peak demand for 12 hours or more through out the day as it serves several regions other than yours.  Have you checked local equipment?  Did the latest TV show that everyone has to stream air recently?

Latency certainly doesn't help the feel.

Looking at your test results, you only have one test... Much more information and data is needed.

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My Hugesnet modem has 35 to 40 kbps coming in from the dish. I receive most of this speed only if I hardwire my desktop into the modem. WiFi speed are more like 4 to 5  setting up right next to the modem. My installation technician told me the router they supply sucks and I'd say he is right. Would purchasing separate quality router help me receive more of the speed the dish is capturing? 

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In looking over past complaints about Hughes download speeds it is amazing that the complaints today--including mine--are identical to those in 2007. Unfortunately my cabin in mountains over Carmel California can only use a satellite for the internet. And unfortunately, that means one carrier--Hughes. I'm sure their slowness to correcting the problem factors in that in some parts of the country they ARE IT. Someone in marketing should explain that when choices become available--and they will--those of us who have been inconvenienced for years will remember. 

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