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7 hours ago, Bunnie said:

Why does the upload speed result on speedtest.net differ so much from testmy.net's result?

I also notice the flash test was taking a reading less than 50 miles from your location. Which is like testing your ISP itself, or within or close to your house as possible.

The tests from ookla are many times living on high level nodes running on ports which harbor very little to no traffic, the antithesis of real world downloads.


When testing at this proximity, we exclude most real world results. This type of testing as ookla less than 50 miles from your location , also fails to show the peering of the ISP, which is the strength and availability of connected networks.


You might do well finding more information , such as running a traceroute to the testmy.net server your testing to/ from, and comparing this to the distance of the flash based test.

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There is more to this story isn't there. We can see from Singapore which is the geographical test point location, or origin. When the tests are taken to a testmy.net Singapore server, the tests show very consistent results.



When testing oversea, and not using a flash based test,  here at testmy.net shows functional yet depressed results. This is a great example of having a real world test to show peering and or network issues.


Running a traceroute from the origin to the test server will show the points in which the bottleneck in, whether it be specific DPI QOS engineering,  or network congestion.

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On 6/28/2016 at 6:42 AM, Bunnie said:



Thanks for all the info, really interesting :)


On a side note, the connection I am testing from is my own home fibre connection. I have no idea why some Internet Speedtest sites show as "MyHosting", while others show as "MyRepublic", which is an ISP in my country.

I see, my thoughts are maxmind is still working to geographical locations of IP blocks, between assigned, ownership, organization and final allocation.


None the less, keep testing, check all the servers frequently, the data you acquire can then begin to focus in on where the issues are, and when.


Nice connection by the way.

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I am new to this Forum. I have Centurylink FIBER-OPTIC Internet, recently installed directly to my home (7/29/16), along with Prism TV Basic. It is still cheaper than Comcast was. 

Here are my stats from the test:  https://testmy.net/db/e9g4IjPhQ

Are these good results?


Is the testmy.net website good for measuring fiber-optic Internet speeds? Or, is the site designed to measure cable or DSL--not fiber-optic?


Thanks for helping out a newbee. 


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My area got the CMTS upgraded from CISCO to ARRIS.

Went from 8 channels to 16 channels in the downstream.

The speed is the same, but reaches peak speed quicker.

I pay for 100Mb plan and I get 120Mb. 

Of course, my ISP over provisions to 120Mb to make sure that customers get full speed in congestion/peak times.

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On 21/10/2016 at 5:55 AM, ITALIAN_GUY_22 said:

Your ISP must over provision so as in congestion/peak time, customers will still get advertised speed.

My ISP does the same.



Mine too. (Virgin Media UK)  I get significantly over the advertised speed even in congested times.  My headline speed is 300Mb, but I now get 331Mb consistently.



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Im so frustrated. I have been researching router setups and everything for days now. This is Cincinnati Bells Fioptic 30 Mbps package. Everyone is sleeping and Wi-Fi on ALL devices is turned off. The only wifi connection to the router is this dell laptop. There are 3 ethernet connections which are set top/cable boxes.

Supplied router is ZyXel VMG4381-B10A. Checked ZyXl website for firmware upgrade and I cant even find this model. there is a VMG4380 but not 4381. Current Firmware Version: 1.00(AAPU.4)C0


Some advice would be gratly appreciated before I call them and get the run around.



Screenshot (1).png

Screenshot (2).png

Screenshot (3).png

Screenshot (4).png

Screenshot (5).png


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