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what gives?


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ERROR :: 337 :: Sorry but 55701 Kbps is too high. Our test cap is currently set at 30000 Kbps. This does not necessarily mean you have an awesome connection... this most likely means that...

**Somehow the test is in your browser cache

** You clicked <back> and are now getting ERROR results

TestMy.net has filters in place to weed out bad results. You should RE-TEST and try to get an accurate reading.

If you get this often try to not click back. :)

Cleared cache, no luck.... i am fast!

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'YER not that fast :wink:

Otherwise you wouldn't have had this score on the 26th (today) https://testmy.net/cgi-bin/get.cgi?Test_ID=GE6P6K74D

It was filtering you out because you most likely clicked back (highly common) ~~ that's it... I'm going to write a script that disables people from being able to click back.

If you got that score from a re-test ... close the browser reopen and re-test :)

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