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Selecting "My" results via Identifiers and dates

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I've been doing a lot of testing over several months using different parameters and devices. Now I'm trying to pull them in collected batches but I don't know if I'm getting exclusively 'me' or intermixed with others due to the different values on the right side of the screen, like TID and I can't remember the others. Do I have a User unique identifier and if so, how can I find it and use it as a parameter?


Much thanks!


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1 hour ago, Pahoo Katawah said:

One says "New Haven Connecticut" yet another says "Woodbridge Connecticut" so I'm pretty confused. ?


The location information is for general reference, you won't be detected perfectly 100% of the time.  IP location data I use is about 86% accurate at detecting cities in the US within a 30 mile radius.

1 hour ago, Pahoo Katawah said:

Do I have a User unique identifier and if so, how can I find it and use it as a parameter?


As you're scrolling through your results you'll see icons next to the date indicating any identifiers logged with the result. 


You can then select identifiers from the drop down on the right, above the result details.


Here's a video, let me know if this helps.


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On 5/20/2019 at 9:39 AM, Pahoo Katawah said:

What!?! I had no idea you were on YouTube. Excellent video! OK, you've made me speechless! THANK YOU!!!


You're welcome!  I'll start explaining with videos like that more often.


On 5/20/2019 at 9:42 AM, Pahoo Katawah said:

Pahoo is 00Z11A in YouTube ?


Cool, I'll look you up.

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That “...strange...weird...” bug thing you captured on video. I had the identical thing last summer! Never saw anything like it so I tried to get a couple of pictures. It was through a window cause I got a thing about insects. They weren’t so good but if you don’t mind, I know a specialist who helped me identify something I was going to kill to be a predator of ground nesting hornets ? (it actually goes into the nest and eats them, I don’t know how it survives) and I would like to point her to your excellent video. I haven’t seen one yet this year. 


I apologize for going off track on this website and it won’t happen again. On another note I’m testing a variety of different devices with built in web access, like a couple of very different TVs, doorbell/camera and remote chimes, vacuum cleaner, blu-ray players and iPads. I also just learned that the ISP is using 11.n and doesn’t support 11.ac. So now I have their modem going to their free router that is locked tighter than Fort Knox and my router (D-Link 895) connected to one of the Gb ports on their router. So I now have a total of 5 SSIDs (or 6) spread across the 2.5 and 5.0 bands. I’m thinking of reversing the the two routers.


Congrats on this website! I’m going to be a very busy guy here️  ?

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