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Number of Runs by user amount

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Curious, would it be possible to run the test based on user amount?

Rather than pre-defined options?


I am talking about the "Repeat up-to"

Rather than being a drop down and choose from a set parameters, can we just choose the number of repetitions? (The user enters their own number)

Its a small suggestion, don't know how big of an impact it is on the website side to change...


Call it OCD or what not, (I don't think it even falls under OCD), but when I chose "Everything 10 mins" I can't select "Repeat up-to: 6" because that would be an hour, I get an option to run it for 5 times (50 mins) or 10 times (100 mins/1hr and 40mins) or 12 times (2 hrs).


Other examples and variations exists, but grr I can't have a select set of hours... based on when I am returning from work, or if I am out for 1.5hrs I want results to be done by then but not before and not on going when I return.


Does that make sense? No? Ok I'll shut up :lipsrsealed:


Thanks for reading.

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5 hours ago, ShakTib said:

Does that make sense?


Makes total sense.


When that was originally designed I believe it was intended on being used hourly.  More frequent intervals came later.


I intend on building in more javascript logic on that page so that the automatic speed test selection is more intuitive.  You'll instead select the frequency and then how many hours or days you'd like the test to run for.  It will be quicker and easier for me to just build a new javascript UI that makes the calculations and enters the correct values than to re-work the actual program itself.


Always keep in mind that most things here are customizable if you know the right tricks.  The auto test for instance, if you want it to run a specific number that's not listed in the interface you can alter the URL in your browser.


... start an auto test with any number selected, then copy the url in your browser and end the test.


Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 11.17.36 PM.png


see the xtimes=12 ... change that to whatever number you want.  Then paste it back in your browser to start the test.  You can just alter the URL in the browser but if you don't stop the test first your test count will be slightly off.  If you use the same parameters all the time just have the URL in a txt file on your desktop or bookmark it. 


Also added 2-99 for you in the interface.


Very quick and easy to do.


We'll just let your browser generate those fields in for me.  :-P

$deferJS .= '
	 	    var $select = $(".1-100");
			var selectedVar = "";
	 	    for (i=2;i<=99;i++){';
				$deferJS .= '
					if(i == '.$xtimes.'){
						selectedVar = \' selected="selected"\';
						selectedVar = "";
				$deferJS .= '



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