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Why is my android's reported network speed so different to TestMyNet's?

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Your first screenshot, showing 585 Mbps is the link speed the device is connected to your wifi router, you won't actually ever see those speeds.  Not even under ideal circumstances.  If the device is capable and you're transferring between a computer on your local network, you may get close to that but you'll still never actually get up to that speed. 


That is only showing you the maximum theoretical speed and doesn't have any bearing on your actual internet speed... same way a 1000 Mbps ethernet connection to your router or modem would be (ethernet has less variables so you'll get much closer to the theoretical limit).  If the link speed is slower than your internet speed, then it would affect and bring down your TestMy.net results. 


You're only ever as fast as your slowest link, you always want your internal network speed to FAR exceed your internet speed.  For instance, if you were only connected at 11 Mbps wifi to your router you'd never get a result higher than that on TMN.


TestMy.net's result is your actual transfer speed across the internet, out past your network and even past your providers network.


Hope this helps... and Welcome to TestMy.net by the way.  :welcome:

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