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WOW Seems need daily modem reset.

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Seem sfor some reason daily I find I need to restart my Modem/Gateway as speed goes into toilet.

Like todays test I think I am 1/2 Download speed and 1/10 upload of normal lately.

I get a ton of uncorectable Codewords listed to I have no Idea Why or what that is and I trust 

the answers I would get from xfinity as much as I trust the government.

Also anyone noticed slower speeds when say an Iphone or Ipad is connected 

I should sayhigher ping rather then speed.

Even though the 5 Ghz AC connection has 1 connected device ( this One) seems ping goes way up with those devices connected even if idle.

Probably has to do with the Gateway to xfinity connection rather the the Wifi.


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