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Use current chosen country when turning on Multithread

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When I turn on Multithread mode, I had the assumption that it chose the current country selected for Linear mode.  However, it turned out I've been running most of my multi-thread tests with the Dallas server.  I'm not sure where it picks up Dallas as I lost count of the number of times I went into the Multithread country selection and picked UK, only for it to revert to Dallas a day or two later.


For example, before I turn on Multithread, it shows "London, GB", which is what I usually have chosen in Linear mode:Multithread turned off.png


However, when I turn on Multithread mode and go to the Multithread country selection page, it often defaults to Dallas for the Multithread test:

Multithread turned on.png

It would be great if this could be tweaked such that it uses the server that was chosen in Linear mode as the default selection.  For example, if I have Frankfurt, DE  selected in Linear mode and turn on Multithread, it will pick Frankfurt, DE by default for the Multithread test until I manually modify the country selection. 

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I'll look back into the process and make improvements.


The thing is, it's supposed to select the last linear selection as your multithread selection.  I need to see why it's not doing this in your specific case... because it works every time I test it myself.


I bet it has to do with the ordering of server overrides within the program that are set based on certain users locations.  Need to dig in and find out.


I'll also provide an advanced option to toggle this auto selection feature on and off for those who'd like it just to remember their last selection.

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