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iRacing (Testmy.net) vehicles

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well I now (thanks to my teammate BJ Sheldon) Have the almost complete Testmy.net Line up,

I have the CW (Gander Outdoor) Toyota

Xfinity Toyota

Monster energy Toyota

Dirt Street Stock

SK Modified

Whelan Modified

K&N Series (Impala I think)

410,360,305 Winged Sprint Cars

Lucas Oil Pro 4 and Pro 2 trucks

Unfortunately I have a ton of replays saved but my computer will not create a decent youtube (or any video) I can share that

does not pause and skip etc.

WHat I ca do for now is get screen shots of each and once I can afford a better computer or figure out issues then get videos.

Though I am doing the NW League series which is brodcasted to youtube (Xfinity mondays and CW Trucks on Thursdays)

I'll add some links soon.


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Sorry was working on that when my computer decided to go on strike and it took me most of sunday to beat it into submission

probably only reason it is still powerful enough for 75% of anything I do is because it is a ASUS ROG from 2011.



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OK so I was able to get a few  well 3 cars

My Xfinity, Cup and the Dirt Street Stock


Plus I have 2 people I run with now using your site to check their internet as any ping much over 133 causes problems ( cars will blink in and out of reality and it can cause huge wrecks etc.)


Oh also the guy who streams our monday and thursday races  

VRN (Virtual Racing Network)  uses your site to keep his connection in tip top shape 

Cup toyota.JPG








I will have videos and more screenshots soon

my teammate is encoding 6 videos for me.

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Well dang got some new pics while killing it at Watkins glen then jut realized I already have my MENCS Toyota uploaded.


My LAME POS I call a computer still will not encode from a replay file to a MP4 without it skipping(pausing) Lack of GPU power I think.


I doubt it is CPU or Memory 

i have a i7 quad core 2.9ghz and 12gb ram never see it use more then 20% ram or 20% cpu 

now GPU is most time ( even when overclocked to maximus of 825 MHz GPU clock and 3100 MHz Memory Clock 

it shows 96% memory use and between 80-100% GPU usage

But still works fine for racing so until I can come up with some $$ or find some misc spare parts and build a system I am stuck with what I have.

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I'm running the Nvidia GTX 460M, But I was under the assumption that OBS Studio used  a CPU Based encoder(X 264)  to create the video files and I figured since my GPU is pretty maxed rendering the iRacing .rpy files so I can view them  using the CPU and Ram Would be my best option. 


I think my best option is to either find a pawn shop that has a decent case and MB or just a case and then start getting the MB etc as I can until I have a finished system.

I do not really need to much just a decent MB, RAM, GPU  I have a Awesome USB WIFI Adapter,  USB Sound Card, a couple HD.s  Keyboard Mice, Monitors.

Only need the most important stuff, Like I have a great car just no Drivetrain LOL.

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