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Download Testing Problem


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I have no idea if this is the right section to put this, so move this accordingly later...

Anyways, I was testing my download speed and got around 480-520 kb/s, which is pretty decent. But then I tested my speed an hour later and this was my stats:

:::.. Download Stats ..:::

Connection is:: 1584 Kbps about 1.6 Mbps (tested with 579 kB)

Download Speed is:: 193 kB/s

Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/

Test Time:: Sun Mar 20 19:59:27 EST 2005

Bottom Line:: 28X faster than 56K 1MB download in 5.31 sec

Diagnosis: May need help : running at only 33.88 % of your hosts average (optonline.net)

However, my internet didn't seem any slower at all, so I tried to confirm this by downloading a couple files, which was downloaded at 510kb/s. I did this several times, and got a consecutive 480-530 kb/s.

But after downloading a couple files, I retested my speed with the download tester and the still got a pretty low speed, so I thought something was wrong. Then I downloaded a file WHILE testing the speed, and one went around 450 something kb/s while the tested results were around 200. Is something wrong with the download tests, or is this just happening to me?

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It may also be your route to testmy.net - this happens sometimes, with some sites.  The internet is like that :-/ -- you may want to try one of our mirror tests ( https://testmy.net/mirrors.php )

You should however get good results from the main server most of the time.  This should get better in the comming months as soon as I find another good host to throw up my second server... so if server load is the issue you would then be routed automatically to the best server, this site has always had quite a bit of traffic, but in the last couple of months I have been going through some growing pains as the traffic has been growing almost too fast... the site is currently serving to over 22,000 people a day.... and still growing at a ridiculous rate.  I am sure that by June 2005 the site will have well over 100K people per day visiting, so I need to hurry on that new server before my bandwidth gets too out of hand.

The point to all of this is... please be patient with me  :) ~~ but also let me know if it's a problem for too long because there may be other issues I need to address.

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:( Yeah I have had a problem 4 awhile but its a routing issue and not TESTMY.NET......

8) Microwave

yep on testmy.net ill get 5.4 mbs, yet on ody's server which is a stone throw away from testmy's , ill get 5.8. Its just the amount of traffic and routing to testmy.

BTW ca3le, any ideas on the host yet since you murdered all my suggestions? lol

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