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TalkTalk UK and getting red internet light on router

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I am with TalkTalk UK and getting red internet light on router.  Testmy result shows 0.1 Mps and 99% slower than host average. My connection has fibre to the cabinet. Test keeps

losing connection and trying to connect. Talk Talk have reset the router but this problem will not go away. I am at a loss.



818380356495's Speed Test Results


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I found a post in topic on TalkTalk's forum that may help.





When the internet light is red on the router, (or the status light is amber on the new TalkTalk Wi-Fi hub) the connection to the exchange equipment (or fibre cabinet if fibre) is normally OK, but there is a virtual path that needs to exist from this equipment to the internet. It is this virtual path that is down. This can be caused generally by:

  1. Authentication issues
  2. Network issues
  3. IP filter issues
  4. An unusual line fault that does not affect basic connection.
  5. Router configuration issue or faulty router


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