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Jean Kutzer

Internet Neutrality Threat yes or no?

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Is internet Neutrality a threat? I believe so. Government didn't invent it how can they know anything about it except control. Leave it alone and let it evolve just like Bitcoin or Merit or Block chain which were predicted in 1990 or 93 by Nobel winner Milton Friedman and more vaguely by Nobel winner F.A. Hayek in 1983. The prediction basically was that inovation most likely through technology would lead to government controlled currency's to be replaced and or made obsolete. It's beginning and net neutrality is their answer to it. What do ya'll think? I'm open as this is freaking new territory eh?

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I think Net Neutrality is a good thing.


By definition...

net neu·tral·i·ty
  1. the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.


The fact that it's now repealed worries me.  It leaves providers open to making you pay for extra services that are just a part of our internet.  They could allow you to only access certain websites and services unless you pay for premium packages.  e.g. One day your netflix may just stop working... unless you pay for the streaming media package.


Why do you think they wanted to repeal it so bad?  Money.


If the gate keepers (ISPs) have the ability to dice it into channels and charge you more... they will.  The Internet I know and love is a single channel.  They will dampen the evolution.




Sure, if they start to slice and dice our internet up I believe it will continue to evolve by circumventing the big ISPs.  People will demand it.  But then guess who holds the keys then, the municipalities and ultimately the government.  ...maybe that's been the real plan all along.  ?


If you want a good laugh watch this one.  Making fun of Ajit Pai , FCC Chairman.


Warning, ADULT language and humor!



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Everything is about money, as you said already. You also said another interesting thing. You said "our" internet, which is an advanced topic and IMO not the same as net neutrality. So whose internet is it ? All of the opinions that I am aware of are bracketed between two extreme positions. The first being it belongs to the government(s), because in the end, they can and will turn it off if it serves their agenda. The other "bookend" being the position we hear from Firefox, which is, it belongs to the people. ( a human right, if you will)


All of my opinions/positions are Works In Progress, always subject to change as new information arrives. In the right here and right now -- I believe the answer is "Everything is about money." The dot-com industry has the ability to influence the government ( true owner ) more than the Open Source activists or public in general.


My $0.02 - have a wonderful day.

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The current administration and the Republican Party (as it is now) are horrible in their positions on personal freedoms and human rights. The worst ever. Their aim is to undo everything that’s been done in the past that was put in place for the public good if it can’t be shown to produce more profit. And they undo things put in place by prior Democrat administrations even if it doesn’t show any profit so they can put the same thing back in place with a different name to get the credit for it.


what blows my mind is that about 50% of Americans believe that this bunch in control now is actually acceptable and believe somehow that they are “Making America Great”. They’ve swallowed al of their propaganda, thinking the Republicans is Washington actually give two hoots about them. Their version of America is grossly distorted.


sorry about the political ranting, slowly and surely they are taking the open internet away.

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I'm interested in this. And, no need to apologize.

As far as one party screwing up what what the other one does, that is what they do. The people who elect them count on them to do that.

I would love to talk about personal freedom and human rights but at the moment I really would like to hear about the open internet.

I am actually writing something about that, so please - how is the open internet being taken away? (Sincere question)

I can definitely use some ammo.





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