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Oh NO my test DB - got contaminated


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I run tests from a specific 8p Brazillion gigabite hard wired server and have (until now) a clean baseline of results.

OK - dummy me decided to run a test from a wifi connected laptop to test the meters on my router.

I specifically DID NOT sign in before running the test because I specifically did not want this result anywhere but on the screen - and possibly over in the host section. But certainly not in my results.

Well, it seems it did find its way into my results. The ever clever TMN might have correlated the ip address since my LAN hides behind a single ISP chosen ip addr ? If not that, then what ?

So - I need two things:

1) can I delete a test entry ?

2) how do I isolate different sets of test data for different devices ?


I'm sure that is all explained in the app, so I apologize in advance for asking without deep research but I got a bunch of other stuff to do.

Please help.

Thank you ,



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If you test on the same IP address, the results will include other tests on the same IP address.  The logged out results will not have a username on them, such as the first two in the screenshot from my end below. 


To delete a result, tick the box to the right of the result (1), then click the trash icon at the top (2):

Deleted logged out result.png


To isolate tests, choose a location in the Identifier drop-down before running the tests.  For example, if you would like to run an automatic test at two different locations while logged in, choose a different identifier at each location before starting the test:

Test Result Identifier.png


You'll see a similar Identifier drop-down on the individual Upload, Download and Combined pages.  For other random one-off tests, you could choose something like 'Laptop' or 'Miscellaneous'.


On the 'My Results' page, you can then filter the results by the identifier drop-down at the top:

Test Result Identifier 2.png

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