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Yet Another results view discussion

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I know you have bigger fish to fry, so consider this a quick discussion from which a feature request might emerge. :-)

Part 1 - middle variance

Part 2 - My Averages


Part 1: Variance

I was thinking about middle variance and wondering whether variances (generally) can legitimately be averaged ?

If so, would an average of variances  be interesting enough to be included on either the My Averages or My Results pages?


How interesting is it?

TCP/IP routing, by nature, accepts congestion as a fact of life. I don't want to suggest any improvements to the only protocol we have that has worked for over 50 years. But, if the variance is high due to settings or issues either on my server or in my router, then it becomes interesting to me. (Under my control)

Additionally, if my alleged "Internet Service Provider" is responsible for adding variance beyond what would be expected on an IP network, then that, unfortunately, has to be interesting to me also.

My vote is yes. It is interesting as a troubleshooting aid if nothing else.  Having said that, I understand the priority of adding such as this would likely be low compared to other features. Especially since one can repeatedly run single tests to use it as a troubleshooting aid. I think I would rank it as a "nice to have."


Part 2: My Averages

Please correct me if I am mistaken, I don't think the My Averages report is aware of identifiers. I believe it uses all the data it can find and produces the results. Admittedly I have not looked at the CSV  export file which might be different. You could get as fancy as you want with filtering capabilities on that report. I have seen other posts here requesting "is it a cell phone," etc.

In my view, and for my purposes, running the report "by identifier" is very sufficient. It is easy enough to assign identifiers to cell phones (or whatever) when running tests.

Again, let me know if I am misrepresenting the functionality that is currently available. 


As always, your assistance is greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work.










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