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Hello everyone! It's been years! I have an interesting question for you. So I am on Spectrum basic plan, I have it setup with them to use my own router. Here is my problem! They gave me the technicolor tc8717t  Modem / Router combo, I went in and Enabled Bridge Mode and turned everything off to use my own Router.. Fun problem, in the configs it says Bridge Mode is on.. but it's not..  I connect my desktop to the Modem / Router combo and I get a Ipv4 and ipv6 address, while on the asus rt-acrh13 that I am trying to use for Wifi since the Modem / Router has the WiFi off. get's a completely different Ipv4 address and no ipv6 address. mind you this is while they are BOTH plugged in.. in my asus rt-acrh13 I have the ipv6 set to passthrough  mode and it's still not giving my ipv6.. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is this something to do with the Modem / Router Spectrum gave me? 

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