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Chrome crashes on 100MB file upload


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Hi everyone,


I have experienced that google chrome crashes while I was trying to make upload test on 100 MB file. I am doing tests with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phones.

I already tried several "solutions" I could find on internet (phone restart, application restart, etc..) but it isn't working. I tried switching to other SIM card (I read somewhere that maybe firewall can make issues) but that didn't help. I tried with different phone (Galaxy A6+) and everything works. I tried switching on Wi-Fi on Galaxy Note 4 and it crashed again.. 

That comes to conclusion that phone is making an issue. 


Is it possible that some phones couldn't handle test? Download test works fine (even for 200MB) and upload is working fine for 50MB.


Thank you!

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My first question, are you manually selecting 100MB or is the test automatically sending you to 100 MB because you're connection is so fast?


The problem may be with the generation of the upload data, in recent years TestMy.net has done this client-side.  Meaning that your computer is generating the random data that's uploaded.  Previous versions generated this server-side.  The server generates the same random information but that then needs to be downloaded and then uploaded back to TMN.


If you go to https://testmy.net/mysettings you can manually trigger the old behavior with the "Classic Failsafe Upload Test" option.  For the majority the new method works great but there are various reasons why this may be useful in some situations, like yours.  Often if this is needed it will be enabled for you automatically.


I changed the test for you so it will only automatically forward up to 50 MB on mobile devices instead of 100 MB.  But you'll still have the option to manually select larger sizes.  Try some sizes between 50 and 100 MB (under manual selection - scroll to [more sizes]) and let me know what the max file size is before you get an error.


I'll have to get on some Galaxy devices and play around.  I develop testing on a Pixel 2... thought Galaxy would just follow suit but I guess not.  Never assume anything.  I suspect that it has nothing to do with the device's capabilities and more to do with restrictions in place to prevent wasted resources.  The device probably wants to conserve RAM so it's limiting how much resources your browser processes are allowed to take.  A website behaving like TestMy.net does is outside of the normal scope of how websites usually run and use resources...  Even if a website were to generate just 5MB of data in the way that TMN does (not to mention 100MB)... it would be odd.  The browser has no way of knowing that you want this to happen... it just looks like something TOTALLY outside of the normal browsing scope.  So as soon as you hit it's internal limits... error.  That's what I suspect is happening there.   It's not that it can't do it... it's doesn't want to allow you to do it. :roll:  ("it" being either one of those devices)


I have a new upload test in development that still generates the data client-side but because of other methods involved shouldn't have that size restriction you're seeing.  Hoping to finish that up soon.

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I manually select 100 MB file. 


Let me explain you my situation :


I'm not doing tests with this account. I have different accounts which I use. I use testmy.net a lot because I found it very reliable (reason 1) and it is not classic speed test like some other popular apps, it is just file download, single thread which I mostly need (reason 2). I am comparing two systems for one mobile operator, one phone is connected on public/commercial APN and one phone is connected to test APN which has implemented some technology which is speeding up 4G traffic (both DL & UL). Request from MNO is that they need results from comparison of both small and big file size. Big file size is the maximum that is allowed here (200 MB for DL & 100 MB for UL) and small file size is.. well, I found that for 4G, I need to select manually 12 MB if I don't want forwarding to bigger sizes (It will suite me the most if I could take for example 3MB file for DL and 1 MB file for UL, but it's impossible because testmy.net forwards to bigger sizes in order to measure correctly). That's why I choose 100MB for UL. DL is not an issue, it is working perfectly.


I tried to enable Classic Failsafe upload test - and problem is still the same.. 


It's weird, because it is not happening with other phones. Galaxy Note 4 has 3GB of RAM memory, and I think that should not be a problem. 


As for the maximum file size that I don't get crash, it is around 50 MB ~ at 50MB sometimes it crashes, sometimes it doesn't..


What do you think it can be the solution? 


And one more thing, about file size, is it possible to somehow limit max. file size for example, 3 MB for DL and 1 MB for UL and to disable forwarding?


Thank you very much for your answers!

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Try making a 1 MB manual selection from the download test or upload test pages, it will now stick to your selection instead of auto forwarding.


This forwarding is done for accuracy but I can see how it can also be helpful for it to stick to what you've selected.  That auto forwarding is still there... just not when you make a manual selection over 1MB.


Let me know if this helps that part of your issue.

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3 hours ago, Mobycore said:

As for the maximum file size that I don't get crash, it is around 50 MB ~ at 50MB sometimes it crashes, sometimes it doesn't..

What do you think it can be the solution? 


Maybe just find a size that doesn't crash on any of the devices you'd like to test... maybe you stably can push it up to 49 MB without issues.  Experiment.  Then you can manually test all of the machines with links like these.


https://dallas6.testmy.net/b/dl-1MB   [download 1MB from Dallas 6]
https://dallas6.testmy.net/b/ul-1MB   [upload 1MB to Dallas 6]

https://dallas6.testmy.net/b/dl-200MB   [download 200MB from Dallas 6]
https://dallas6.testmy.net/b/ul-49MB   [upload 49MB to Dallas 6]


If you go to https://testmy.net/mirror and hover over the server you'd like to test with it will show you the subdomain.testmy.net.  Just alter the URLs above to reflect where you'd like to test and the size.  I think this makes it easy to keep your variables consistent across all your testing.


Let me know if this helps.


I suspect the device is capable but has some kind of software limitation... again, it's a very outside of the normal process to make TestMy.net work in your browser the way it does.  Highly likely that its resources are running outside of the scope your device wants it to do... so it causes it to fail to protect resources it thinks may be out of control.  We know they're in control and within limits but the program (on your phone) can only do what it's been told. 


There may be a developer option you can find to open that setting up.  I'll try to explore that by searching.  Join me.  You said you're using Chrome on a Galaxy, right?

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It works now 1MB without forwarding.


I have another questions about speeds, I get lower speeds when testing big file size for download - 200MB. For example, on 50MB file size I get 45-50Mbps and for 200MB I get only 25-30 Mbps.. why is this happening? I did tests also in January a lot and that was not the case, the bigger file => bigger speed.




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