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Incredibly low download speeds, intermittent for years, becoming constant

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I've only got four families in my immediate neighborhood, and I'm barely on a first-name basis with three of them (much less a "what-do-you-use-for-internet-and-how's-your-performance" basis), while the fourth is not tech-savvy enough to know a modem from a microwave.


As far as my greater area, yeah, there are plenty of complaints. Many quite similar to mine. Many more don't even bother speaking up, because they know it'll do no good. BBB complaints similar to mine go unresolved.


It's been this way for roughly a decade and a half, through two separate house moves, dating back to me having to spend nearly a month explaining to their technicians what packet loss was and why is mattered, back when I finally got cable for the first time (albeit one-way, as Buckeye's upload was initially handled via phone back then, with only the download being cable. Anything was better than AOL, though, at that point).


I don't know what else can possibly be done.


(just got off the phone with Spectrum confirming that they are not available at my address.)

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