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"My Results" are not mine


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I'm seeing results for my user name, but the only data I see is from 2005-2006; I did not use Testmy.net then, these are someone else's results.  

More annoying is that while I have run multiple tests, these new data points do not show up in "My Results".  Where are my new test results going?  I get an email after a series of tests has been run, but the hotlink returns me to the antiquated set of 2005-2006 test results.

Can I change my user name?  If so, how?  I tried to sign up again with a different user name, but the sign up was rejected because the email address "is already in use."   

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Thank you @Pgoodwin1 for the heads up


@dnjSerran I changed your username.  The issue was with the "&" symbol in your username.  This character is actually disallowed in registration... not sure how it got through so I'm going to have to do a check up on that part of the registration process.


Sorry my response took longer than normal.


If you'd like a different username please let me know what you'd like me to change it to.  I'm happy to help.


What was happening is when you were visiting your stats it was encountering that illegal character... it looks like it was using what it could up to the point of that illegal character.  So you were pulling stats for the member "David" instead of "David & J...".


For your own privacy this username is better anyways.  When I notice usernames that have real people's names I usually contact the member to ask if they'd like it changed.


A reminder for anyone who needs a username change.  Simply send me a private message saying "I'd like to change my username." with the new username.  These requests are usually fulfilled within 24H.

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