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Depends on your use case and what you're trying to accomplish.  


Tell us more about your network.  Give us some of your common scenarios you encounter that make you think, "this needs to be faster."


A possible great in between comes in the form of 2.5 Gbps ethernet.  Here's an excellent LTT video from a few months ago on the subject.



Currently TestMy.net is using 10G SFP+ for its internal network in the data center.


Here's the simple 4 port switch I've been recently using.  100% reliably running for 1.5 years now.

MikroTik 5-Port Desktop Switch, 1 Gigabit Ethernet Port, 4 SFP+ 10Gbps Ports (CRS305-1G-4S+IN)


You need adapters and cables for each machine.  If they're close to the switch then I'd recommend just using copper twinax cables [example].  Longer runs you'll need to get multi-mode transceivers (2) [example] and fiber patch cable to your length [example 10M length]


Two computers 10G connected can be anywhere from ~$400 on up (switch, 2 adapters, 2 copper SFP+).  And that's going the inexpensive route.  Trust me, it only gets more expensive, as deep as your wallet can go.  :-P 


Unless you have particularly long runs, copper 10G is just fine.  In fact, you'd never know the difference... unless you're a computer scientist.  BUT, if you put fiber in you can upgrade to 40G and beyond easily later.  Really, if you're already running cables... why not?  They aren't as expensive as they used to be.  If I were building a new house, fiber runs would definitely be in there.


Again, knowing your use case would help us know which option might be best for you.  For most people, that 2.5 Gbps option that uses existing cabling looks very promising.  They have a bunch of USB adapters etc for 2.5 Gbps too, just search and you'll find it.  ;) 


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Re-watched that and realize that Linus kinda scares people away from this option because of the price of the switch.


I'm pretty positive that it can be done for WAY less than he says.  Here's a switch that I'd try. $160  https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-Ethernet-Unmanaged-Multi-Gig-Protection



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