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Ruku continuously bufffers

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I brought my Roku from home up to my cabin in North Carolina. 

The Roku worked great in Florida, palm Harbor, but continuously bufffers and goes off line more times than I'm watching it. Anybody else having this problem and fixed it. Yes in Palm harbor my internet is faster up and down about 500 mbpm.

What to do


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Looking at your TestMy test data see attached download test. The one upload test I saw for you was a little over 400 kbps.


From what I’ve read, you need somewhere about 20 Mbps download speed minimum to stream. Yours is dropping below that during the tests you’ve run. I don’t know what impact the 400 kbps upload effect would be on streaming.


You may have a signal strength issue. Try running some tests here with a laptop directly connected to the modem via Ethernet cable. If you can’t do that, and your device you’re using for testing is a wireless device, try running the tests with your device right next to the modem/ wireless router. Report your results back here


On your Roku Home screen, go to Settings. Choose Network then About. It will show you a Mbps speed number. Report that back here.



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