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Flag issue ... wrong flag shown

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I think you're talking about these flags, under My Results 


Here's an example from https://testmy.net/live




Those flags are to tell you what test server was used... for instance, from the top... We have an Android user in Iraq testing against the server in Germany.  Then a user in the US testing against the Dallas TX server.  Next a Malaysian user using the multithread test... Dallas to Mexico... (location purposely removed by TMN system)... Dallas to US... UK to France.  If you hover over them you get a bit more explanation.


I understand this can be confusing, I've received a few messages regarding this.  I see how this might make people angry when they see a different flag next to their country name... but my reasoning behind this is to show you at a quick glance what server you tested against.  Seeing your own flag on all of your results would be meaningless for most people who remain in one location.  --- I'll be redesigning that for you soon to hopefully clarify, at a glance, what it really means.

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