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Severe Degradation Of Internet Speed

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I have had Internet speed problems for about six months. I spent some time about four months ago researching and fixing some settings without solving my problem. Recently I changed ISPs for cost reasons and also hoping to solve my problem. But to no avail.

I am supposed to get 100mbps. When I switched, I used stand alone Speedtest and got initially 67 then down to 50. This can sometime be 50 but will usually be around 30.
If I measure using speedtest from a browser, I will usually only get from 25 to 30 per cent of the stand alone speedtest speed. So, for 50, I would get 10 from the browser.

So, I have sever degradation of the standalone speedtest speed which is itself also only about 50% of my supposed ISP speed.

I am wondering if there is any diagnostic tool or utility which might analyse my problem. For instance is Debug Diagnostics Tool any good for my situation? Any suggestions welcome.
Thanks. Peter

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I'm surprised there is such a difference between running the speed test in a browser and stand alone.  It seems to suggest there is something else on the PC affecting the speed, such as your antivirus software.  Some antivirus products automatically install browser plug-ins, so this can also have an impact.


When you get a chance, try uninstalling your antivirus software temporarily and run some tests.  This will at least rule out whether the Antivirus software is the culprit.  I've seen significant drop-offs in speed with both Kaspersky and McAfee, particularly on older PCs. 

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Thanks Sean for your reply.


I had avast running so I uninstalled that. Also, I thought cleaning the fan would help, so I did that. In addition, I tested without NordVPN running. This all increased my speed to what I am supposed to get through the test on the browser. The standalone test suprisingly gives 40mbps lower! Can't say for sure which of the above solved the problem.

I will monitor the performance further but it seems speed is quite sensitive to the NORDVPN. Maybe will post later about that.


(All my grandparents from Ireland, Sligo, Galway, Cork---Kellehers(2), Higgins, Mulvaneys. I became an Irish citizen and visited relatives in Ireland about five years ago. The green is real! Thanks again.)


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Your issue is actually VPN.

VPN normally does cause speed degradation. 


NordVPN is an amazing service, don't get me wrong, but how VPN works is the reason of your speed drop.

Once you connect to VPN... YOUR speed to the VPN server is probably super. but from VPN server (run by NordVPN) could be bottleneck... which you nor your ISP have control over.


This is one the reason people can't use VPN to play multiplayer online games or Streaming game service that requires quick reflex (FPS or Action) because latency is high.


I don't think you have a speed issue, you have a bottle neck issue. and VPN almost always cause that issue.\


Your antivirus won't slow your speed down. It could however stop your internet by some firewalls rules. But that's either connected or disconnected. Not slow speeds.


Cleaning your fan (and dusting insides) is good habit to keep the computer running cool and power efficient. That helps computer speed, not internet speed.

But I do like that you took the effort to maintain your computer. :)


Hope this helps.

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Yup totally agree with @xs1, VPN is like taking the long route to your destination rather than the direct one. Your speed to and from your target destination (whichever server/website that is), will always be slow/longer travel time with VPN.


VPN is simple math, +Security -Speed

More security and less tracking at the cost of speed and latency.


If you use a local VPN. That might help you, but depending on why you need the VPN, you might not want to use Local VPN.


Hope that helps @Maritimer

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