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Any possibility to get a service level app for continuous monitoring?


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Like the title says, is there any possibility that we can get the automatic test in Windows service format so that it runs continuously forever (at set intervals) and stores the log locally?

I do a lot of internet work from my house, and I have a line quality monitor on 24/7 @ 2.5s log intervals, but none of the network monitoring packages I know of offer available bandwidth monitoring like your website does.

I just recently ran into an issue (and the reason I searched out your website in the first place) where the ISP was clearly having a problem, as I had 1Gbps down, 0.5Mbps up (effectively useless), for an entire week until it "magically" fixed itself the day they scheduled a tech to come check the lines.

Standard line monitors only check jitter, latency, packet loss and your *usage* of the internet bandwidth, not how much bandwidth is actually available.

Looking for something I can use as a hammer against my ISP to fix their stuff, like I do the monitor when their equipment starts dropping packets, and the only way that would really be practical is something that is run locally so that there is a large log of data I can draw from to prove it to them.

TBH, I would pay a decent amount for this service if you ever consider doing it in the future.

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Hi Droolguy,


Have you tried the automatic speed test?


I'm developing something much more in depth right now as you read this.


I've added you to a new group "Beta Tester 2020".  I'll notify you when the new TestMy.net beta is available and grant you access to other areas when the time comes.


Anyone else who would like to be included and notified please send me a PM that simply says "Beta 2020 please!"


I've already invested thousands of hours into the new program and can't wait to share it with the world.


There will be a paid ad-free version for people who'd like to support my work and get extra features on top of it. 


There are MANY interesting aspects that I can't get into at this time.  Your question above only hints at what TMN can do for you in the near future.



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