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Geolocation Updates for Tests

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I would like a feature to update the accurate location of the connection being tested or for the website to request my location. My country has repeated cities, towns, and villages. I would prefer if testmy.net gathered the data themselves vs an API. As the API isn't showing any updated information for my ip address. I guess that comes down to how often my ISP updates the information. 

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Here's what I have on the IP you're using right now



Here's what I have on the IP you first registered under



Where are you really located?


There's actually already GPS functionality built into TestMy.net but I didn't like my implementation so it's been disabled.  That might go back as far as 2012 so it will just need to be rewritten.  This will be made available in future versions under advanced settings.  


If your location or ISP are incorrectly detected it has no affect on your testing or results.  Country code (99.8% accurate at that level) is used for a rough approximation to choose the closest server but that's it.


... trust me, I'll love to have that option.  When I had it on here before I was having a lot of fun with it, especially on the road.  It just wasn't user friendly at the time... but I'm a much better programmer now -- might be able to get it much closer to what I originally imagined that functionality would bring.


Thank you for the suggestion!

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