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macOS Big Sur is a Fat Turd.

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More on that later.


I would have warned you earlier but it's destroyed so much, my time has been consumed.  Time to reinstall macOS for the first time ever.  Or maybe not...


They broke this on purpose.


My Late 2014 5K iMac is now vintage, right after the "upgrade".


F#𝇍k you Apple.  Time to build a new rig.


... I have NEVER seen such a steaming pile of shit as this release.  It has completely crippled everything I loved about my computer.  Luckily I only installed this on one machine.  Unluckily it's my favorite one.


Just randomly freezes in ways I've NEVER seen a mac freeze.




Unless you like to destroy perfect things.


I thought I could reinstall a bunch of programs and make it work.  It's actually just getting to the point of unusable, more bugs as time goes on.  With normal things like Chrome, VLC.. even Terminal has frozen my system, shortly after a reboot.  To the point of complete lock up for minutes.  iMac w/ maxed out specs, reduced to total and complete garbage.  Ran perfectly stable, no reboots ALL YEAR before this update. 


I just have to reinstall and start fresh with macOS Catalina again... and I guess that's it for my machines.  No more updates, they're vintage junk to Apple now.  Lesson learned.


Maybe just time to rebuild.  100% Linux.  I'll start with Apple hardware I already own... and I guess - build away.  Bye Apple.  You no longer love me, you never did.


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