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Direcway DW6000 and Linksys Wireless Router


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Hello All,

New to this forum, so here it goes.

Just installed the DW6000 Business Plan Static IP Satellite.  Seems to work fine with my laptop connected directly or through a switch.

Then I purchased a linksys wireless router hoping to make a network for the locals.  Setup the router to have static ip as defined from the dw6000.  The wireless machines access the linksys fine.  And I can get a client to ping the dw6000 router.  However, internet browsing is not possible.  Not sure whether to have DHCP enabled or not, but again the local networking is working.  All the clients are XP but not sp2.

I read others having this problem, and they were told to turn the wireless into a dumb switch.  I think I should be able to keep it running.

Any ideas would be welcomed.


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Ok, So I removed the DHCP setting and rebooted (everything) a few times.  The router seems to be holding on to the setting (even though the setup screen says it is off).  I know this because on my client, the ipconfig says no IP address assigned and has the wireless routher DHCP address.

My next step is to assign a new ip to the router that is in the range of my direcway assigned static ip and see if the client needs some assigned IPs also.  However, will need to actually do some work today, so I will try it tonight.

Let me know if this sounds like a good idea.

Thanks for the reply...

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I am the king of this issue...... you will need to do the following to get it to work correctly, thing is I still had issue with my router and removed it and went direct to a switching hub.

you will need to make the following settings to your router to get it to do anything.

the ip of the router has to be static... will work, the Wan port will need to be set to and the default gateway should be set to

see this post for more details https://testmy.net/forum/index.php/topic,2468.0.html

you will either use your router for the DHCP or set each machine to a static ip, either works but you will need to enter in the DNS server for DirecWay, cant remember the IP address........

Hope this help you out.

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Your default gateway is wrong, you have it should be which is the default IP for the DW6000, dont get this confused with your static IP, it has nothing to do with this, and you should not worry about the static IP in your config settings..... Just the default DW6000 settings...

Your DNS server is incorrect too, that should be the DW6000 or the default DirecWay DNS

The DHCP is fine, but you have to make sure that you set everything within the Linksys settings... the Wan port should be, if your Linksys will not go below then leave the address like that and the WAN should be default gateway again is

I have a rather large home network comprising of both wired and wireless, I have 4 servers 3 win 2003 SB Servers and 1 Linux Redhat, 2 Windows XP Pro wired and a XP Pro Wireless laptop, my network is pretty confusing to most, But I know enough to strip it apart and have it all back up in a few minutes.

The way mine is set up is as follows....... I dropped the Router becuase 2 NAT layers was an ass to work with... anyway, all of my computers, servers and all are connected to a central point in my house to a 16 Port Switch, the wireless router is connected to one of these ports giving me the ability to use the network and the internet.

All ports are 100Mb, soon to become a GigaBit network, as soon as I buy the Cat6 wire, was thinking of going fiber between my servers, but thats a little overkill for what I need them for :)

Anyway, I hope the information above can give you some ideas on how to connect your set up, Networking a DW6000 is not as easy as they say, I had issues and still do have issues, but I am working around them :)

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You could also turn off the router and just have it set up as a gateway.... My Linksys is capable of doing that, just plug in the wired computers as normal and the wireless systems can connect to the wireless gateway.

Dont forget to set the default gateway to a lot of people have a habbit of setting the computers to use the router as the default gateway, but the router does not know what the gateway is, and really the gateway to the internet is the dw6000

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Hi Girl,

Give the following link a try.  I use method #1 on all my installs that include a wireless router and have not encountered any problems.



Try resetting the Linksys to factory defaults

Make sure the DW6000 is plugged into one of the LAN ports, not the Internet port.

Are you saving your changes to the Linksys Router after you disable DHCP and set its static IP before you leave the Linksys web page?

Are your clients set to obtain their IP address automatically?

If your clients are holding onto their previous IP, have you tried ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew at each client?

Good luck.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello  everybody,

This is my first time writing and posting a help file so please do not hesitate to correct or add to this. I just wanted to help.

To all that want the DirecWay DW6000 to work through the WAN port on your Firewall / Router,

Before you get started you need to make a trip to Radio Shack, Best Buy, CompUSA, etc. to pick up a special Network Cable called a CROSSOVER as this is the key to making it work.

I have found the secret on how to use your DW6000 in a network through the WAN port. After investigating almost every piece of (Google) searched information on how to network the DW6000 and talking with DirecWay and my Firewall / Router support teams to NO avail. Therefore, I began to dig and think out of the box. Before even trying to hook your new modem to network; go through everything to get the registration and activation completed on your main PC alone. Now unplug the network cable from the DW6000 and get your main PC connected to Router (THIS SHOULD BE THE ONLY CONNECTION as of right now). Here is how I got my system up and going:

1 Open Internet Explorer (IE) (You need to use IE not Mozila or other Internet Program).

      a. Under Tools

      b. Options

      c. Connection Tab

      d. LAN Settings

      e. Make sure that NOTHING is checked here

      f. Close out of all this

2 Right click on My Network Places and choose Properties

              i. Operating Systems

                      1. If using XP Professional go under your Start Button and in the upper right                                          section you may see My Network Places. If you do not see it in this location go

                                under (in the same location) My Computer and you should see it in the upper

                                left section.

                      2. If using Windows 2000 or XP Home Edition, you should already have this Icon

                                on your Desktop.

3 Right click on the Icon that says something of he sort of

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Bold for a first post, and welcome to the forum... cross over cables are not required, I do not own one cross over cable and I have 3 routers and a 16 port switch.

Cross over cables are for connecting 2 computers direct, not for hubs nor switches!

You also failed to mention that the router will need to be configured to access the dw6000, now your running two NAT layers also, which will confuse the issue!

otherwise very helpful.

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I like to keep things simple.

You have a fixed ip with a subnet ending in 252.

1. you need a router to use more than 1 pc for the subnet of 252 will allow only 1.

2. you need the router to use your ip on the dway for your host address.

3. set router dhcp to, this will be your gateway.

4. plug in switches, access points, hubs, pc,s, etc.

5. let the router go the rest.


If you need to contact the poor saps at HNS TAG they do not support networking.

Sorry to have to say that.

Good luck and please restore the router to the default settings before you proceed, if the routers software is up to date it should find your dw-6000 and toll out up to 99 ip addresses starting at right out of the box.


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Sattech you are correct in your configuration of the Business plan.

1) Sparky is correct you do not need a crossover cable.  Most routers / switches autosense the difference anyway.  I have seen some "cheapo" units that do not.

2) Subnet masks are just that, masks.    They only allow so much through depending on your ending digits. 

3) Routers and the DW 6000 are fine together.  Multiple NAT happens every single day of the week in business environments.  Take a look at any "enterprise" system and there will be many many different NAT tables, and segments.

4) The biggest mistake that I have seen here is most people confuse a switch with a router.  Routers need TWO different subnets to work with.  A "WAN" address given to it from the DW6000 if you desire, or you can hard code the IP if you want.  Hard coding the IP does nothing more other than does not send a "Discovery" packet out and the DW6000 doesnt "Offer" one in return.  You just have to make sure that no other device is assigned the same IP from the DW 6000 but shouldnt be due to the fact that only ONE device is connected to it and that is the WAN port of the router.  The "LAN" side of the router is configured with the second subnet as so is the devices that connect to it.    I run a mixture of both DHCP and static addresses on my network both at home and at work,  wired and wireless.    Try running a DS3 ATM connection  connected to a hardware Firewall appliance,  with that connected to a large router that connects to different routers servicing various subnets of the organization.  LOTS of NAT tables going on but as Sparky said if you dont need it DONT use it!  I dont use anything at home anymore than I need to, but at work is a different story.

5)  If you are running a Business with a Business class connection for Internet connectivity,  first off stay away from the equipment that is intended for home use.  Linksys,  Netgear,  etc is not intended for business and I dont know of any organizations that I work for and with that use them at all.  They are GREAT for home use or maybe small business but not anything else beyond that. 

Also remember that with a business connection that you pass your Static IP to YOUR equipment rather than having it NATed to a non routable address,  makes you VERY VERY vulnerable to any kind of attack etc from the outside.  You might as well as have a sign hanging on your address that says:    NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH!!    Hit me!

Not good.  Firewall the crap out of it,  hardware type preferably. 

I will sit back now to take the "barrage" responses................. :-|    DUCK!

I got nothing to "barrage" at you... looks good to me :)

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I like the fact of how SIMPLE;e this is and you are right about the firewall but this was written to get the average person up and running, most of the firewalls that I work with  have been created by outside sources like fordstar etc.

A firewall is a personal preference and happens to be another entity in this matter.

Thanks for the input.


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Great answer Kicoman.  This whole thread has lots of great examples in it.  Thanks all.

Jim P

-- DW CE, SBC yahoo account for email, Dell P4 800, Win 2000 Pro, DW6000, Horizon, 127 west, 1410 mhz, 30 msps, Rx and Tx Pol = Horizontal, Netgear FR114P H/W Firewall/Print server, Netgear WG302 ProSafe

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Howdy HawkEye.  That was obviously from the heart, and that's OK.  You wrote a great write-up on what you had, what you wanted to do, researched, and did to get it to wok.  On a public BBS you are always going to get folks that add to it, disagree, have a better way etc.  It will always happen.  Keep with the fact that you portrayed some info that I'm sure helped out alot of folks.  Everyone has a different view, of what is being asked.  I thought most of the comments on your write-up were positive.  Really.  Yeah, you get all the variables of 'what if", and "but if'..",  That's part of a BBS.  Everyone has a different need.  Doesn't mean the other need if deficient.  It's just another view of another situation.  For the record, I have a DW6000, Hardware Firewall, and Wireless access point.  They are not all treated as just switches either.  I had to use a crossover cable as well in my situation.  And guess what?  It all works great!  Everyone has a unique setup, and I know what you wrote of your experience will help those in the similar one.  All of us take half of what we read and say, "yeah, I get that", and the other half we say "not my issue".

Don't sweat it.  Keep your experiences coming, that is what a BBS is all about. 

Jim P

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Jim P. Thank You for your kind words. I reallly do not understand why some people are such power freeks. I thought this was a place for help and get help with problems. I just want to be treated with as much respect as I respect others.

Again I thank you for your kind words :cool:

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