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ROCO (Roy Collins)


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For those that remember him. He passed away last Saturday!! He became a good friend off TMN. I’m really sad about it. We were just talking about my upcoming eye surgery literally 2wks ago. Such a good man…funny man. He’ll be sorely missed by many. ????

@CA3LE I’ll understand if you need to remove this…but can you leave it for a bit for those that aren’t mods but have fond memories of his sassy funny ways?

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I communicated with ROCO by email for a while.

Both that way & on the forum we discussed many things.

He really liked his Citroen cars.


I must have emailed something that pissed him off.

He suddenly stopped answering emails from me.

I sent about 4 more emails to see if I could find out the reason.

Then a couple of more times over several years but no response.

I didn't want to spam ROCO.

I guess he had his reasons.

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