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I think I need to get Xfinity to give me replacement Gateway

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Thursday Afternoon all was Great I was on iRacing all my Latency and so on was Perfect at 100% and  was even Live streaming a race and no issues.

Then last night (Thursday) about 21:00 PDT While running a iRacing Practice and Live streaming I got a message that the YouTube stream was stopped But still in the Sim the Latency and quality numbers were fine

at Approx. 22:30 I went to enter a Race (I mention what I am doing so everyone understand that this task requires a decent internet speed and low latency to function properly and has to have that in both directions up and down) My Latency had jumped from around 66 to fluctuating between 133-200 which 200 is in the Red and the Server connection was at 100% So their system and internet were good but the Server connection specifically for me was down to 80%.

Now it is showing a 45% packet loss for my connection to them and my internet upload speed has dropped from 37 Mbps to between 60-90 kbps.

I have reset the gateway 5X In hopes it would all of a sudden solve the issue and restarted my Gaming Desktop 2X

This is first time I have had this issue that I can verify with the Speed tests since I started iRacing in 2019 and I remember years ago like maybe 5-10 I had a Modem back then (No Gateways at that time) that I had to replace and as soon as I did it solved the issue.

Sad thing though I had to argue with the Comcast tech for quite awhile and finally demanded a New modem as I had done everything he was suggesting multiple times and was sure it was the upload section of the modem.

I am pretty sure it is the same now but just wanted to see if anyone else thought the same??

All drivers on my Desktop Are up to date as I am on top of that due to my iRacing and streaming 

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So far and I haver had it up and running during a 2.5 hour practice and race session in iRacing and the Gateway has worked great even the test I just did a minute or so ago on here is right in line with normal results so the lack of a properly operation fan causing the gateway to overheat is what was causing my upload issues as far as I can tell.

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