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CenturyLink Connection is Great but....


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I got my Centurylink internet connection after I discovered a construction crew going down the highway in front of my house and property. 

As they started through my front yard, (through the easement), I went out and chatted with the crew and found out it was a new Fiber for Centurylink. 

I had to force myself not to do cartwheels back to the house when we were done with the conversation. I had just realized a life-long dream of sorts

of moving out in the country, away from the rat race of the big city. I was raised in the country, but due to being in the service for ten years, being stationed

all over the world, I had my fill of big cities. One thing I did not realize was out in the country, it's hard to get a decent internet speed. And yes, I fell for

the ole booby trap 'Excusenet' and was signed up for 2 years without even knowing it. I don't want to mention any real names, like Hughesnet for example, 

but they're one of the Satellite companies that advertise a great package, but enter you into a 2 year nightmare. Plus, I have to admit, all the years in the big

city had it's perks. So, I wasn't aware of being slightly spoiled with the fast connections. So, on my 3rd year out here in the boonies, I saw and chatted with the

construction crew. I went on to nag, and nag until finally Centurylink admitted they had a fiber out my way and was excepting new customer connections. What

could go wrong ??    (more on this later) 

I live in South Central Missouri. If anyone has Centurylink and want to chat a bit and tell me how it's doing, if you like it or you're mad as hell at them, whatever, 

feel free to drop me a line.  

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