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in house measurement- ideas?


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Background - for the last 3 years I have gotten what I'm paying for in terms of bandwidth from the ISP. During 2021 I have not.

I need to do something about it. There are few things in life more distasteful than talking to Suddenlink. I will only do that as a last resort.

Historically, 3 out of the 4 times I have started showing a slowdown, it has been my fault. Only once was it an actual suddenlink issue. I'm revealing that to make myself feel better about continuing to troubleshoot my computer instead of calling them. I have changed several things in this box and some of them have added heavyweight processes that can't be terminated. Microsoft has changed some things to. For years I never even heard of a program called SearchApp. I don't know exactly when it showed up but it is very heavy, and opens a lot of network connections. I suspect there is a correlation between that and low testMy results, but that is still to be proven.


What I ^think I would like to do is measure what is coming out of my computer (Mbps or MBps) between my computer and the modem. I had a couple of ideas but that really is not my area, so - I thought I would post this here and chat with the heavies !

How would you do it ?



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  I use a SonicWall TZ400 router (between my Arris Surfboard SB8200 cable modem and my computer).  The router l can provide a real time graph of the ingress and egress of data through each of the ports.  For example, if I am uploading 2 Mbps from one computer into  port X3 and 3 Mbps from a second computer into port X4 , the Wan port will display an egress of 5 Mbps going to the cable modem.  It is a pretty handy feature.

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