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Hello from Jamaica


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Hey all. Just wanted to say a big thank you to the creators and maintainers of testmy.net.


I live in Jamaica and we don't have fast or quality internet service here unless you live in the more populated areas. Where I live there are no physical internet connections available so I've had to use fixed wireless options for years. I've been through every single one that's been available and your speed test has helped keep my sanity. Basically all of them have tried to send me to the sites that make them shine and make me look like the crazy unreasonable customer.


My current provider just upgraded my package after almost 15 years and wanted me to do daily speed tests to make sure everything was fine. They told me to use openspeedtest.com and I told them I would use testmy.net instead (been using you for years and loving it, THANK YOU again) but they said they wanted to measure jitter as well so I relented. Well, after a while I  noticed the connection was acting up and while testmy.net gave me the real world, openspeedtest.com was giving results saying I had full speed and nothing was wrong.


To cut a long story short, after 2 months of telling them something was wrong and trying to convince them to use testmy.net instead, they have finally relented and admitted there's a problem  on their network. So thank you again to each and every one of you who has and anything to do with this site. Please continue to do what you do and fight for the little guy.


Much appreciated.

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Thank you Obeahman!


This is one of the best testimonials we've received in a long time. Feedback like this drives my development.


It's really nice to hear stories of TMN working for people. It's pretty crazy how under served so many people are and how most tests don't seem to notice. It's hard to convey to the majority of people why TMN is different so first hand testimonials are really helpful. There are major differences here that in my opinion render other tests useless when most needed. You witnessed it yourself.


I'm happy to hear that you found TestMy.net and that it's done what I originally set out to do, help you get what you're paying for. Hopefully in the future more people find us here. 


Much appreciated on this end as well.



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