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A Question regarding Windows 2003 Server


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Greetings All,

I have a question regarding download/upload speed in Windows 2003 Server Edition.

Many told me and also seen in some site forums that using 2003 server edition gives you the most/best/all of ur upload/download speed provided by ur isp's whereas Windows Xp reduces the speed. Poeple actually switched from windows xp to 2003 server and experienced much better speed.

Now the question is, Is it true that 2003 server really DOES give better up/down speed than winXp?

Please someone clear it out. Thanks.

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as far as i know, win 2003 server has almost the same setup in TCP stack as XP/2k

2003 server seem to have more settings for high Network traffic


my guess is, for a connection below 10 Mbps i dont think you will see any diff in speed

VanBuren :)

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Running the builtin WinXP firewall causes so little performance hit that it makes no sense to turn it off.  If you are always running your computer behind a decent router/firewall, then you have some level of protection and could turn it off.  However, it's a better practice to just not worry about it, leave the firewall turned on, and have protection. 

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As many have said, W2k3 in the internet aspect is basicaly the same as xp. If anything when i installed it ( datacenter edition) on my machine because i couldnt find compatable (updated) drivers, my internet was slower then usual. But either way... Unless your just using it as just that, a windows server... I wouldnt even mess with that operating system. Because theirs no gaming at all on thatr OS. Directx and all the video rendering is not avaliable, alot of times sound is not an option, hell microsoft even reccomends you pull the sound card if its not needed. I think a very stable, yet flexable OS to use for everyday useage would be windows 2000 professional.

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I just wanted to see if what .s1 said was actually true.  It isn't but that wasn't the point.  Most of the games will not install on WS 2003.  Doom 3 would not.  The setup programs detect OS and block.  You can get around those with the various compatibility modes or the Microsoft App Compatibility Toolkit.  I didn't use either on Half Life 2.

I don't however recommend you do this.  You'll find more hurdles than it's worth especially if you are using a server without an AGP slot.  I'm using a beefy -1 gen laptop so I was pretty confident it would work for one of my games.

Stick with Windows XP.  You'll be glad you did.

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