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Wireless router thoughts


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Personally, I always use Netgear.


I might try the RAX30 -- on sale for $130 right now https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-Nighthawk-5-Stream-Router-RAX30/dp/B09BK8PM1M/ -- get a used one fro $84.


For mesh, I have one of the early Orbi systems.  Very reliable.  I haven't seen any reason to upgrade.  Got my 10G network on the side so I use it more for wifi and base level router.


RBR50 and RBS50 go for less than $80 on eBay.  RBR50 is the router and RBS50 is the satellite unit.  If I had a lot of square feet to cover and wanted nice reliable wifi across the entire area I'd definitely get these again.


Significant leaps have been made since but to get the same coverage with an AX system will cost WAY more.  And do you really need it?


Personally, my fastest devices are all hardwired.  I don't care as much about wifi.  Wifi I have is fast enough and works reliably.  I value reliability and consistency most.


I recently went to my brother-in-law's who has fiber and wifi6.  It was cool, extremely fast right in his main area.  But then I go upstairs and was getting much slower speed, I mean I was directly above the router, just the floor blocking. 


I'd rather cover my entire home with a slower stable connection than have one hot spot and a variable/poor connection everywhere else.  Especially if I can save money at the same time.


To be clear, he has a decent connection everywhere, I just think an RBR50 and RBS50 would cover it better for less money.  And for most people's daily use... they'd never tell the difference, speed wise.


Hell, get the RBR50 and RBS50... then connect a used RAX30 for wifi6 capabilities for the (near by) devices you want to be really fast.  Probably get all 3 on the secondary market for like $220.


Bang for your buck.

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