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Lumen/CenturyLink/Qwest/Quantum Fiber connection test results

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14 hours ago, DalyCityMikeM said:


Been wonderfully consistent and mostly trouble free.


Damn son. That's awesome!  although those test sizes seem kinda small?

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Was a bug, displaying correctly now.


The program that draws those images is ancient.  The database it draws from is ancient (2005)... it's never been altered. It quickly grew too large to easily alter.  This was my first attempt at databasing anything so mistakes were made.  Over the years I needed to alter it.  But instead I've worked some tricks to maintain the original database.


I now have other databases working together with smarter layouts.  But that old tool is tied to the root database.


The reason it's come up just now is because usually multithread is tagged internally as "TX", it now tags as the individual locales.  That share image program was looking for that as a signal to change the size calculation... because (in that specific database) the size is stored differently depending on the situation.  This was done to overcome a character limitation design flaw in the database structure.


So basically in the same field 200 can mean 200 MB or 200 kB... lol.


I could have just deleted the database but didn't want people to lose results.  Could've done a very time consuming import/export.  Altering would have crashed my servers, I just wasn't set up to alter a database table that large at the time.  There are ways I can do it now but I don't think it's necessary.  "If it ain't broke..."


Max test size when that was first designed was 12 MB.  Of course I knew it would grow but I was naive with databasing.  Didn't know about int vs smallint values yet.  --- once I knew, my correction was to work around what I already had.  18 years later, your results are still saved.


My first logged result



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A totally reasonable strategy..... and it doesn't really affect the results, just the image generated for tests.    Sincerely appreciate this site -- I've used it more than once to convince a stubborn tech that it really was "their problem" that they needed to fix.    And it's great to be able to see the evolution of speeds over the years.


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