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Halo 2


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XLink Kai is a global gaming network - bringing together XBox, Playstation 2,  Gamecube and PSP users, in one integrated community. It is software running on your PC or Macintosh that allows you to play system-link enabled games online for free. Kai is the only service that is not console specific, and boasts one of the friendliest communites available.

LAN Party (online play)  http://www.teamxlink.co.uk/

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I can't play Halo 1 online because I connect to my xbox wirelessly.  If I could that's what I'd be doing right now, but I have to settle for the next best thing...... Halo 2.  I do agree though on the part about a 5 year old being able to take out an experienced player who hasn't picked up a combo. 


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Why ive played halo 1 and 2 on a wireless connection use xboxxonnect. works with wireless.

You can have a wireless connection to your computer but not directly to your xbox, your xbox has to be "wired" to something. 

For example, you can have your actual cable modem at one computer, and the wireless router will send the signal to another computer, but you have to use a WIRED router connect you xbox to that computer (the one connected wirelessly).  But you can't have the connection sent wirelessly directly to your xbox.  I have an ethernet wireless adapter, which I use for xbox live, but xbc won't let you do that.  It's kind of complicated.

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